Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Curation 2

          This week I was able to get alot of information into my curation website. I actually added many website links to all of my categories. I found a few great pages that really enhance the website. One of those was a blog that had so many dairy free recipes. 
          My most interesting link was one that had over 100 different allergy related recipes on it. I was amazed when I found this link. My biggest obstacle is still geting the links to be able to be clicked on. Right now there is no way to interact with them without copying and pasting the link into the search bar. This is a huge inconvenience for my users so I need to get this straightened out ASAP. 
          The next 3 steps while moving forward are pretty simple. First of all, I need to find many more dairy free recipes. Next, I need to find more gluten free recipes. After that, I need to find egg free recipes. After all three of those are complete I will then begin searching for recipes with multiple allergies. This project is going pretty well so far. My feedback is that we should have more time to work on this in class because I find it harder to complete out of class. 

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