Sunday, January 27, 2013

Connection: MLK to John Lennon

            This week in class we read Martin Luther King's letter from Burmingham Jail. While we were reading this I couldn't help but connect him to my favorite musician of all time, John Lennon. Both men stood up for what they believed in in a time where people weren't necessarily doing so. MLK stood up for the rights of African American people and John Lennon stood up for peace. 
            These men are two men that will not back down from something until they are listened to. John fasted and stayed in bed for weeks in order to make sure that people knew he was fighting for peace. MLK made speeches and used non-violence to make sure that people knew he was fighting for equality between races. Both men were fighting for peace just in different ways. John Lennon was fighting for peace because of the Vietnam war and MLK was fighting for peace between races. 
             The similarities between these two men jump out at me from all angles. Including the way that they both were killed. Both were shot and killed. All the way to their deaths, both of these men never stopped fighting for peace, which is why both of them are people that I look up to.