Friday, February 22, 2013

Connection: Decision Making to DMwD

            This week we have been working on our buildings. It has been extremely stressful, yet it has taught me a few things about myself and other people in my group. I've realized that I am quite a good decision maker and so are the people in my group. All it takes is for Mr. Allen to tell us that we need to make quick decisions for all of us to immediately begin working like that. We all gave our input and somehow we mixed every idea together to create one amazing final project. Working together and making tough decisions quickly reminded me of my decision making with data class that I am currently taking.
            In this class we do many things related to decision making (hence the name). One major unit that we studied was the voting process and how those decisions are made all over the world. It was incredible to me learning that the process can be so simple in one country and so complicated in the next. I did enjoy learning about it though. We also learned different methods of making a decision. Ranking, for example, is a step in many of the methods where the different objects that are being chosen from are ranked by importance to the chooser. Many of the methods get complicated and require many many steps until the decision is complete, but that just goes to show how complicated making a simple decision can be.
            Back to class this week... We were able to create something with all of our input because of this decision making process. Without decision making we would not have been able to name our place, decide who would do what, and much less build it. But we were able to do all of those things and more because of the process that we decided to take. It's crazy how much someone telling you to make quick decisions can affect the actual speed of your decision making. So, thanks Mr. Allen!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blogging Around

Shayne Turpin:
This connection is amazing. I am so jealous that you figured this out! I agree 100% with all of the comments above, and with your original post Shayne. The connections between Alberto Knox and Mr. Allen are right in front of our eyes. They both have ways of putting thoughts into our minds and having them stay there. They both word things in ways that make it easier to remember. Thank you so much for posting about this Shayne!

Rachel Blackman:
I totally agree with what you are saying! I think that modern houses and buildings are just plain and boring. I love the creativity put into creating postmodern houses and buildings. I think that, for me, postmodern houses are just more aesthetically appealing. If I were to ever design a home I know that I would take the postmodern route. Thank you so much for the insight into what you think about modern and postmodern architexture!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best of Today: Modernism vs. Postmodernism

             The other day we spoke about the difference between modernism and postmodernism some more in class. I found quite a bit of the information to be interesting, but I had one specific favorite part that stood out to me the most. I loved the differences in the architecture of the modern and postmodern buildings.A modern building looked like this:

            While a postmodern building could look like this:

            I find both types of buildings appealing to the eye, but for different reasons. The modern building is simple and easy for look at with its straight lines and simple rectangle pattern. On the other hand, the postmodern building makes the viewer think about what is going on. It looks like a lot is going on and incorporates many different aspects of architecture.
            I thought it was very interesting learning about the different types of architecture because I had never had the opportunity to learn about the difference between modern and postmodern in architecture. I enjoyed learning about it and that is why I chose to use it as my Best of Today blog :]