Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best of Today: Modernism vs. Postmodernism

             The other day we spoke about the difference between modernism and postmodernism some more in class. I found quite a bit of the information to be interesting, but I had one specific favorite part that stood out to me the most. I loved the differences in the architecture of the modern and postmodern buildings.A modern building looked like this:

            While a postmodern building could look like this:

            I find both types of buildings appealing to the eye, but for different reasons. The modern building is simple and easy for look at with its straight lines and simple rectangle pattern. On the other hand, the postmodern building makes the viewer think about what is going on. It looks like a lot is going on and incorporates many different aspects of architecture.
            I thought it was very interesting learning about the different types of architecture because I had never had the opportunity to learn about the difference between modern and postmodern in architecture. I enjoyed learning about it and that is why I chose to use it as my Best of Today blog :]

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  1. Even though there isn't a lot of writing to your blog I like the concept that you're portraying. In a way the two buildings look similar but that they are also pretty different. It makes you think if one evolves from the other as time and periods pass. I also like how you treat both of them with similar respect because even though the modern age is over it doesn't mean that we should forget about it. It gives you something to think about and I enjoy that.