Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blogging Around

            The first blog I read was by Maeve Hanrahan and it was called "Imedia:Women". Maeve's words really hit home for me in this blog post. Being a girl that is affected by media I really was able to connect to her post. She spoke about the places like Abercrombie making a shirt that says, "Why do we need brains if we have these?" okay for young girls to wear. I for one do not think that is alright at all. We need to be encouraging the young girls to take a stand on what they believe in and strive for whatever they want in life.

I posted this on Maeve's Blog:
"Maeve, this blog post is clearly SO relatable for all girls growing up in today's society. We are expected to be something that is clearly not possible to obtain. I think a great example of this is the dimensions of the famous "Barbie" doll brought to life size. Her proportions are off, certain body parts are too big, while others are much too small. She would be incredibly underweight and her legs would not be large enough to support her body. This example just goes to show that the media is making it seem "normal" to be something that is not even possible. Little girls start playing with Barbies at a young age, and it is then that this idea of a "perfect" woman is placed into their heads. I loved this blog Maeve, it was really interesting to read."

            The second blog I read was by Raina and it was called "Get Organized: A Tribute to Aristotle". I loved this post and I really could connect to what she was saying on so many levels. Her blog made me realize things about myself that I didn't even know beforehand! 

I posted this on Raina's Blog:
Raina, I think my brain works similarly to yours. It's just something that I haven't fully realized until reading your blog. I never thought about cleaning as a way to relieve stress, but now I think that is something that I might like to do. I too feel a sense of peace after something is cleaned. After I read this I went and cleaned my backpack too, and it made me feel less stressed out than I was beforehand. I think I'm going to try cleaning as a way to relieve stress now!