Sunday, April 21, 2013

Metacognition: Mashup Process

          My thought process during the mashup process is difficult to describe. I felt like during the process my mind was EVERYWHERE! I was unable to focus on one specific thing until about half way through the time I spent working on it.
          It all started with the word love. I am exposed to this word every single day in many different ways, and yet when I was asked to create a mashup about that word I was stumped at first. I spent about an hour searching the internet for different love quotes and things about love, but I then decided that I couldn't take that route and decided to start somewhere else.
          This time I started by looking through the book, Letters to a Young Poet. I thought that this would be a better place to start because then I would have a foundation for what to base my other quotes or pictures around. This is when my thinking began to steer in the right direction. I think I just needed to focus in on a specific thing in order to really get my thought process working correctly. And the topic of love was so broad that my brain didn't really begin to work until I specified my search area to one book.
          After picking about 10 different passages from the book I decided to try using google to find other quotes and pictures. This time it worked! I was able to be more specific in my searches because I knew what the book quotes were specifically about. Now that my thinking was on track it made the process go much quicker and smoother. I found the other key aspects of the mashup easily after finding the book quotes.
          I realized from this project that my mind needs something specific to focus on before it can really get good work done. If given something very broad to explain, like love, I have trouble wrapping my thoughts around it. I really do like how I think though, I find that if given the right opportunities my mind can accomplish pretty much anything.

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