Monday, November 19, 2012

Get Organized: A Tribute to Aristotle

          This blog happened to be assigned at a perfect time in my life. Earlier last week my Mom told me that if my room wasn't cleaned in one week I would be grounded. This blog was the last bit of motivation I needed to actually go through with cleaning my disaster of a room. 
          I'll start with how my room became the insanely messy area it was before I began cleaning. I am a perfectionist in most things I do. Actually almost everything I do. The only exception is my room. Since it is my living area and other people, for the most part, do not see it, I am alright with it being messy. If people were going to be coming into my room often, then I would keep it clean. I tend to care about other people's opinions too much, so if nobody sees it then why clean it? 
           A layer of clothes, supplies, stuffed animals, garbage, writing utensils, papers, books, and much more lined every surface of my room. Let's just say that it was time for a deep clean. My mother was right. Before cleaning I looked at my junk filled room and felt overwhelmed. I wasn't sure that I would be able to accomplish this, but for my mom and this assignment I chose to go for it. 
           I decided to begin with the desk in my room because I haven't been able to use it in about a year due to how much stuff is piled on top and in it. While cleaning I found things that I hadn't seen in years. Birthday cards from 7th grade, papers from 6th, and corsages from freshman year dances were just a few of the random things I found. These are all things that I no longer need, yet I kept them for some reason. 
           Before I continue, you need to know that I am also someone that has difficulty throwing things away in fear that they might mean something to me in the future. This made cleaning my room even more difficult. I would stare at a birthday card from forever ago and wonder if I would miss it if i threw it out. The process went on and on like this until my Mom came in and told me I was being crazy. She began helping me go through things, and it helped quite a bit. This is when the cleaning process really kicked into gear. 
          After finishing my desk I moved on to my closet where I found shirts that I couldn't even fit over my head, pants that had no button, and socks with more than 10 holes on the bottom. All of these are things that I obviously had no use for anymore, so I threw them away. When I finished cleaning my closet I moved onto the floor, which was just covered with random things. I ended up throwing a lot of it away and by the end of the process I could see the floor. I made my bed, turned on the lava lamp and took a gander and my newly cleaned room. I was proud of myself immediately. I felt a sense of relief being able to use my desk and see my floor. I had never realized that my messy room actually made me a little bit anxious. Having a clean room made me calmer. 
           The process was tough, but I learned that a clean environment actually makes me feel better. I also learned that I am a person that really needs quite a bit of motivation to go through with anything. Overall, I am so happy I finally cleaned my room because it really taught me a lot about my thought processes and how my mind works. Oh, and now I know what color my carpet on the floor is. 

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