Friday, November 2, 2012

Best of Today: Humans Merge with Technology

            Today in class we discussed the topic of humans merging with technology in the near future and whether or not we would become a new species if that indeed does happen. This discussion blew my mind. I have never really taken the time to think about things like humans merging with technology. Obviously, when I'm watching the movie Terminator I am watching it happen right in front of me, but that movie is fiction, so I've never thought for something like that to really happen. 
            The discussion in class today really got me thinking about this concept. I took a while to ponder exactly what my view was about it and I finally decided that I am against merging humans and technology. I understand that it would make people live longer and probably have more fulfilling lives, but I think that merging with technology would take away our humanity. Removing a broken part of us and replacing it with something else is taking away a part of us. If we do end up merging with technology I think people will end up changing greatly, and not necessarily for the better. I am guessing that people will make themselves fantastic at many things, and we will end up with a population of rich people that can do everything and poor people that seem under par because they cant afford to combine with machine. 
            Not only does this concept seem very unfair and biased towards people that have a lot of money, but it also will destroy our concept of hard work and dedication leading to reward. It could get to the point where information is simply downloaded into our brains, making it incredibly simple to learn new things. School would be useless because a kid could learn how to write with a click of a button. I feel like we are better off only using technology in humans in dire situations. If someone is dying and needs something mechanical placed inside them and they can afford it and are willing to risk the changes that could come along with it, then sure. But for the most part I think that is we do end up merging with technology the human race as we know it will never be the same again. 

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  1. I agree that technology is becoming very important and is even required to be used in some homework assignments. I think that using newer advanced technology should only be used medically for replacement heart and bones. What I do not agree with is that kids one day learning everything they need to know in the click of a button being a bad thing. One, because if that were ever possible there would be no point in living, and Two no one would ever create that for reason one.